Volunteer Information for 2019-2020

Required Criminal Background Checks

Parents, guardians, and students trust that Destination Imagination events are a safe place for them, and Destination Imagination International and the Indiana Affiliate take that trust seriously. We are committed to maintaining policies and procedures that create a safe environment. As a part of that commitment, we require that all volunteers for tournaments and Team Managers complete a criminal background check before participation in the program and before coming to our tournaments. We also recommend that all volunteers working with teams complete a background check.

Use the order links below to order your background check, or click "send us your information" to report your currently valid Sterling Volunteers background check information.

 You will be given the option to create an account (or log in to an existing one) for Sterling Volunteers by clicking the order buttons below. The results of the check will be automatically delivered to Indiana Destination Imagination.  


Order A Background Check

Level 2

Use the button below to order a background check that is suitable for Indiana tournaments

You can also use the good deed code wu8lbhb directly with Sterling Volunteers.

Level 3

 Use the button below to order a background check that is suitable for both Indiana and Global Finals.

 You can also use the good deed code 9t63y4d directly with Sterling Volunteers. 

I have completed a Sterling Volunteers check in the last year

If you have completed a Level 2 (Advanced Criminal Locator Check) or higher with Sterling Volunteers (formerly Verified Volunteers) within the last year, you may not need to complete an additional check.

Please send us your Order Id and full name by clicking the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cost of the background check?

There are two levels of background checks available. The minimum level is $15 and the more advanced level required for participation in Destination Imagination Global Finals is a few dollars more.

What will the check cover?

 The check is a criminal and sex offender background check that includes the following information:


  • Social Security Trace is performed using the Social Security number provided. This search identifies places where the individual has lived and alias names used within the last 7 years.
  • The DOJ Sex Offender checks the Federal Department of Justice database which includes the listing of registered sex offenders for all 50 States – except Nevada, which currently has an injunction in place.
  • The Government Watch List Search identifies individuals and companies, owned, controlled by, or acting on behalf of countries targeted by US foreign policy as terrorists and narcotics traffickers. These individuals are identified as Specially Designated Nationals ("SDN"). The SDN search is conducted using documentation provided by the US Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control ("OFAC").
  • The Advanced Criminal Record Locator Search first looks for criminal records in your current county of residence jurisdiction. Then it checks a nationwide criminal database to identify any further records in places you have lived and/or visited.* All reported criminal history is validated at the primary source of information.

I've completed other background checks; do I have do complete this one?

Destination Imagination requires a check through Sterling Volunteers (formerly Verified Volunteers). If you have an existing account with them and within the last year have completed at least an "Advanced Criminal Locator Check," you can report this information to the affiliate director, and you may not need to complete an additional check.

Who is required to have a background check?

Team managers, all appraisers, and tournament volunteers must have a background check. We recommend that all volunteers working with teams complete a background check.

What if I plan to volunteer at Global Finals?

Choose the Level 3 background check and your verification will apply for both Indiana and Global Finals.

I have other questions; who do I reach out to?

Please use our Contact Us form to submit your question, and we will get you the answer.